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If you don’t behave i will….um….i will, actually what will i do???

As a Child Care worker I worried about how to deal with inappropriate behaviors. The rules are firm, don’t touch a child, yell at them, embarrass them in front of others, don’t refer to the child as naughty, annoying or bad.


By the time I went on maternity leave we were told not to put children on time outs as parents had complained! Are you kidding me WHAT??


I know that children should not be facing a wall for half a lesson but I give my toddler two-minute time outs at home simply to calm him down and give him time to think about his actions.

A time out can simply refer to taking a child away from the situation to another activity at least then they learn that behaving in such a way is not appropriate. 


Children these days are aware of our limited conquences for negative behavior  more than we realize.  In schools and Childcare centers you will often hear a child say, ‘I’m going to tell my parents you got angry at me’. Most staff get to know parents so well they know which ones will agree with them and which ones really will be annoyed.


I believe that if you place your child into someone’s care that you are allowing them to also teach your child how to act with others particulary when it is not one on one care. However I also believe this should be agreed upon in advance.


When anyone enrolled at my child care centre I would give them a run down of such policies to check that they were on board with this. If they are opposed to detention or time out or exclusion from a particular activity then I would ask them to suggest what would be an appropriate consequence. Some parents would boarder on the strict approach ‘give them a slap’, AHHH, NO, we are not doing that to, ‘he was just mucking around I’m not paying childcare fees for my child to sit on time out’. Often such parents would back down or if not if a situation with their child did occur I would ring the parent ASAP and tell them what’s happening. In the end it is their child and it is up to them to decide but not many want this phone call whilst at work. I guess it comes down to trust. Do you trust those taking care of your child?


I think discipline is hard these days, it’s a fine line. All of us working with children are scared of litigation in its many forms and the question, ‘who was responsible’?


Litigation is at an all time high. I remember seeing on the news a few months back about a student getting sued for knocking into another student during a sport game and injuring them. Come on, are you joking, that is ridiculous with any sport there is an element of danger but isn’t that just life!! What is that teaching our children, the leaders of our future about life and consequences? How will this help them cope in the work place?


What do you guys think? If your child misbehaves at child care or school what happens? ? Do you know the school or childcare policy on behavior?





And do you agree with this approach?



 love SupahAnnie xo



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