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Childcare Supervisor to stay at home Mum!

Hi, welcome to my blog!!

on November 20, 2012

Hi people,

I’m a friendly and bubbly Stay at home Mum to a gorgeous but crazy and clingy toddler. I am emotional, a self confessed worry wart, but i love to laugh! I am married to the guy I met when I was just 17. I have worked in all forms of childcare with all ages.

I am interested in card making, meditation and psychology, and also children and their learning. I love designing rooms in my house, finding a bargain everywhere i go and finding out ways to make household chores easier, even with a toddler.

Join me as i look into Childcare centre issues, schooling issues, staying sane as a stay at home Mum (well trying to), exploring making home life easier and more orgainsed and bringing up my little boy. Has working in childcare prepared me for this? I guess we’ll soon find out! XO


4 responses to “Hi, welcome to my blog!!

  1. Victoria says:

    Sooooo, those blogs about how to make household chores easier. That’s going to be up next week right? haha Looking forward to it!

  2. tobuildohome says:

    Hi there! We are so alike! I have worked in childcare for..forever! I have been teaching preschool age-college age kids in the arts for about 10 years now. I thought that I would have one foot ahead of the rest when it came to having my own little one, but boy, oh, boy, it is hard. I look forward to following your journey, as well! -Lauren

  3. Annie, you sound so upbeat and cheerful! I look forward to following your blog closely! X

  4. Adeline Donkin says:

    Hi auntie Annie,
    I think that your blog is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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