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The Toddler Tango

on March 26, 2013
Since the day my toddler was born I was waiting to be able to dance with him. I knew that it would be a long wait but that someday the day would come and that it would be epic! That day came just about a month ago and it was everything I had wished for and more.  It was like he went to bed one night then suddenly woke up and decided he wanted to dance. 
 I have been trying to encourage him to dance I know that he would know the actions to a lot of songs already and he loves songs, rhymes and watching the wiggles and play school. From being a childcare person I probably know most nursery rhymes, songs and actions off by heart so I think even at two my son does also. I teach him a song and actions once and then he just knows it. It’s amazing how quickly they can pick these things up. 
We were watching the wiggles dance and he started to copy what they were doing so I joined in and he found it hilarious. We held hands and danced non stop until his sleep time. It was so therapeutic for both him and me. I remember us laughing so much that we were falling over. His eyes were lit up and twinkling, his cheeks were red, his shirt and hair wet but he was having the time of his life and so was I. During that time I forgot about my worries, my housework and enjoyed every second of it. It is a memory I will treasure forever. 
We dance each day together now we have a whole little concert going and are now performing this to his Daddy and all the grandparents. Whenever my son feels like dancing he grabs my hands and says, ‘Mummy dance’ or he will call out ‘sleeping bunnies’ which is the first dance that we do. No matter what I am doing or where we are I try to drop everything and dance with my little man. I want to dance with him while he wants to dance with me because I know that won’t be for long. 
So now I must confess 5 things: 
1) that I have done this in a major shopping centre
2) that some days we dance so much I am still in pj’s at lunch time. 
3) I have answered the front door like this when something was delivered 
4) that I don’t care who saw and I am not embarrassed at all because 
5) I had ball! ( the delivery guy got a laugh out of it too) 
Try this with your kids it really makes you feel good, brightens your day and your kids will love you sharing this with them. 
We have gone through different styles of music not just the kiddie stuff but ‘RnB’, classical, pop and even rap which he found hilarious. 
It’s easy to add instruments to this, dancing ribbons or air guitars. We even made our own drum and maracas. (Hint: one small container full of rice isn’t very loud, a container full of uncooked pasta is, therefore go with the rice).  Using puppets that relate to the songs works really well too, even using your child’s teddies would work.   
The other day I got out the broom and taught him how to limbo, another day I used a skipping rope and used it to make waves for him to jump over as we danced. 
Try it, pick out some fun music, turn it up and dance like no one is watching, who cares if you are good at it or not your children certainly won’t. It’s also providing great exercise that is actually fun. Best thing is after all this dancing my little man sleeps like a log! 
As Jamiroquai sang,”Dance, nothing else for me to do but dance, off these bad times I’m going through, just dance, got canned heat in my heels tonight baby”. 
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4 responses to “The Toddler Tango

  1. My little one loves music already! However, he is just 3 months, so I will also have to wait to dance. Well for him to dance. I dance to entertain him already.

  2. supahannie says:

    So excited to hear from you. Last time was before you had your Bub. Congratulations and welcome to Motherhood. Hope you and your Bub are well!

  3. Great post. I was imagining you dancing around in your pj’s with your son. You are right about the pasta being loud ha ha. I didn’t think to try rice instead, will have to do that. Now bust-a-move 🙂 Might be showing my age with that one.

  4. I’m going to dance with my kids in the morning – sounds like a fun idea and it’s something I haven’t done for a while – thanks for the timely reminder! Also, I have a confession linkup on a Monday so if you want to link this up, feel free, would love to have you take part. And Jamiroquai is my most favourite band in the world and I love the lyrics to Canned Heat – so very apt for this post!

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