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I’m grateful for Grandparents!

 Sing like Sister Sledge: “We are family, get up everybody and sing”!

I never met my Mum’s Dad and I was very young when my Dad’s Father (Pop)passed away. I can remember some things about Pop like him working in the garden putting in beautiful flowers whenever we were over to visit. He was tall and thin just like my Dad and I.  Pop idolised my Nana, he thought he was the luckiest guy in the world to have her as his wife, he was always calling her pet names that embarrassed her lol.

I would have loved to meet my Mum’s Dad I have heard great things about him and seen pictures he looked like such a friendly man and he was. He was the local bus driver and people in the area knew him well. He lived for his children. Nana was very fashionable her clothes would still be in fashion if she were alive today. She always had shiny high heels and clip on earrings in every colour and size available. She loved playing card games and was really good at them. She would have visitors come to stay often.  She found beauty in living things such as flowers, nature and fruits, she adored shopping.

My Granny (Mum’s Mother) was so like my Mum that she was the only other person I would stay with if Mum wasn’t there. I was a real woose, still am lol. I remember that Granny would pick me up from preschool and we would sit out the front of a little shop eating hot chips until my Mum would come and pick us up. Granny would get two buses and a train to come and see us. She could make up amazing stories off the top of her head. She was born to be a Grandma and my Mum is too!

Grandparents can be great for your child and great for you. My little man is very lucky to have all four of his grandparents involved in his life. As a Stay at home Mum they have been an absolute godsend to me and my son. They provide constant love, support and guidance. They provide free babysitting, love your child more than words can say, they help around the house, provide free counselling, behaviour management and often food!

They are just a phone call away when you have been up all night with a little one, you are up to your eyeballs in poo and your washing machine has just stopped working. They have life experience, they can mend practically anything, they can teach your child gardening and they have the patience to line up at an event that the parents probably wouldn’t. They bring you frozen dinners when someone is sick, they bring you some nappies when you were just about to race to the shops and they never get tired of listening to your rants about how fabulous your little one is because they believe it too.

Grandparents somehow provide a certain type of wisdom that parents can’t provide. When I am stressed, feel awful or just need some time out their the one’s I call.  Knowing they are only a phone call away helps me through each day.

My Mum aka Granny has a saying on her fridge it goes like this:

                  ‘Grandchildren are God’s reward for being parents’ .

 Lol this is so true and I also believe that being in their grand child’s life makes the grandparents, feel young, stay young and still feel important no matter what their age.

Grandparents may pull your child’s cheeks, they may embarrass them, they may even spoil them rotten but isn’t that what they are for?

                                     So let’s hear it for Grandparents!

             As Pink sang, “just come on and come on and raise your glass”