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Music for motivation, music for relaxation.

on June 14, 2013


 Listening to music can bring about strong emotions, memories, dancing, fun and an escape from the mundane. It can be used in many different ways. If you are only listening to music when you drive your car then perhaps taking the time to listen to music you like could make a positive enhancement in your day to day activities.
Have you ever been driving when a song you love comes on the radio and you turn it up, smile, sing at the traffic light and suddenly feel upbeat and excited? This is a unique experience. I was once in an art class where while we painted they played different types of music to see if it changed the way we painted. We were listening to music that was classical, smooth listening music, rock, pop then sad love songs. We were amazed at the power of music and its relation with our actions and feelings.
Have you ever been been listening to music playing in a car park or out the front of a shopping centre? Try to notice this next time. You will find that old style or classical music is played in these areas, why? To put off young people hanging out in these areas, if they don’t like the loud music playing they won’t want to stay in that area. This music also encourages those near it and listening to it to remain calm.
-Using music for relaxation-
That got me thinking, listening to music could help calm us down when we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Think about what music you like, what’s your favourite sounds, songs, musicians and instruments? It doesn’t matter if your don’t play an instrument, if you can’t hold a tune, if you don’t know the names of the songs or the bands playing them. All that matters is that you find which music works best for you in terms of relaxation. You might find nature sounds and classical music relaxing, you may prefer music that is upbeat and great to dance to, you might prefer slow, smooth love songs, perhaps the classics or even the 80’s. All you need to do is start listening to music whenever possible to find what suits you. Once you find the music that relaxes you take just a few minutes each day to sit or lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and allow yourself to listen, really listen to the music and breathe deeply. It can have a very positive effect, very quickly.
– Using music for motivation-
If music can relax us then it must have the ability to motivate us right? Say you have housework to do, you don’t want to do it, you put it off, make excuses etc. Try filling your house with music that you feel motivates you. For me it’s upbeat music that I know most of the words too and also like to dance to. It makes it easier to motivate yourself to do the task if you can be listening to music as you do it. This isn’t just for chores but for exercising, studying, working, building a roof, whatever!
Music can be fun, powerful, happy or sad but it can also help us relax, listen, dance and even motivate us to get tasks done.
                                               Try bringing more music into your life today.
I wanna take you away, let’s escape into the music
DJ, let it play, I just can’t refuse it, like the way you do this
Keep on rockin’ to it, please don’t stop the
Please don’t stop the music

My husband and I reckon that music was way better in the 80’s and the 90’s. Just more fun, catchy and better to dance to. What do you think?


2 responses to “Music for motivation, music for relaxation.

  1. tiinamzh says:

    i totally agree with you . life can be really boring and tuff i personally cannot even drive , workout , party and cheer up without music , it is just a means of motivation . many things can be done in a better and creative way with it and i think this is why i have my ipod with me almost every place i go ,

  2. Yes.. it is right ..Music is like medicine..In now a days some treatment is getting done with the help of music..
    it’s like the way of life.. it can teach you discipline, respect, and it does effect how you look at things..
    Great Thanks

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